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With platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube live and Periscope on the rise, it’s more important than ever to understand how video could play a role at your event. Progressive web applications are websites that give your users an app like experience. For small and medium-sized business, product demonstrations and tutorials which will allow you to show how to use your products or services, and field questions in real time. Orange used an integrated Periscope broadcast along with a TV campaign, allowing users to help the star of the advert through a romantic date.

What is periscope depth?

One common term is periscope depth which is defined as the depth needed to extend the scope above the surface of the water.

Periscope users are tied directly to influencers on Twitter, which means that the market is already significantly larger than that of an app that doesn’t have the social media Goliath’s full backing. Meerkat and Periscope aren’t just for the well known among us, but also include influential bloggers and everyday individuals with something to share.

So, Which Is Best? Meerkat Or Periscope?

Marketers are still exploring the possibilities of these new apps, but already people are experimenting with backstage coverage of events – probably the easiest way to use video streaming. Others are looking at the new medium for exclusive special promotions where you have to be watching when the offer is shared.

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Live Streaming Platforms

When you are ready to start with a practice broadcast and make sure the lighting and sound levels devops organization structure are good. Your broadcasts can be promoted elsewhere on your website and social media.

It’s bound to be used for marketing, like most apps and social media services, but piracy will continue to be an issue. Live streaming isn’t anything new, in fact “Severe Tire Damage” were the first perform live on the internet way back in June 1993. Since then the market has become loaded with hundreds of separate live streaming platforms; broadcasting everything from live football tobirdcams. One audience who certainly aren’t using these apps are businesses and I believe this is a huge missed opportunity. Think about it – the whole world as your audience, ready to tune in there and then to not only listen to what you have to say, but also interact with you through their own social channels. Hence, while developing an application like Periscope, preventive measures should be taken while keeping these challenges in mind. As there are two sides of the coin, any technology, if used cautiously and for advantageous reasons, can prove to be useful.

Live Streaming Through Social Media

The first time that we did a live broadcast we felt a bit self conscious, but you quickly get used to it and the more you watch other videos the more realise how unstructured they can be. You can be silent, answer questions, talk about what you’re up to, just show a view or a scene. Also, because it’s so interactive, you weirdly get a kick out of people ‘Liking’ your video and asking you questions when you’re live. Just like posting on Facebook or tweeting you quickly get over your initial reservations. Periscope is a “live video streaming platform”, which basically means you can transmit a live recording of yourself to your Persicope and Twitter followers. Imagine Skyping someone, but instead of video calling a single person, you’re instead linked up to the whole community. Not only that, whoever’s watching you can comment and ask questions.

An acquisition of Twitter, Periscope allows its users to go live anytime, anywhere, helping them to broadcast every move through live videos directly from their IOS and Android devices. The video stays up for 24 hours in which any person who joins the broadcast can view it. After the elapse of the given time, the video gets automatically removed.

What Is Non Linear Video Marketing?

Periscope is a lot more polished, and a lot faster to navigate and operate. It also has different engagement levels, including a “heart” for users to give to their favourite streams. This is similar to how likes or favourites work on Facebook and Twitter respectively, but it’s a great way for audiences to cheer on the broadcaster. Feel free to contact our digital team on if you’d like our help with your with your first live video broadcast using Periscope. Once you’re live, anyone on Twitter and Periscope can join your live video and when watching a live video, you can comment and send hearts by tapping the screen. Once you receive the update, you can create and Tweet live video from the Twitter app which the company says is “powered by Periscope”.

Since joining Periscope, Peter has watched a few hundred broadcasts and read as many blogs and reviews about the service as possible. He has a background in live broadcasting and has written books on broadcasting and on social media, and now one all about Periscope too!

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Every single social network out there has its own language and terminology specific to the platform. “I was responding to the questions that people were asking and things that I wouldn’t think to have covered, so that was useful. So they wanted to see a statue, for example, I’d show them a statue. Or if they wanted to speak to a particular person, I’d take them over to that person. They wanted to meet one of the royal fans who had become quite well known on TV, so I took them over and had a chat with them,” explained Foster. Max Foster was the reporter on the scene for the network, and he used Periscope to let his audience members tell him what they wanted to discuss. They told him who they wanted to talk to in the area and he would interview them.

You also need remember that you’re broadcasting live, and globally. Use the blocking tools provided if necessary to deal with troublemakers . You also need to make sure you stay focused on your audience – don’t stare at your phone for minutes on end reading questions. Bring the audience into apps like periscope it by reading the questions out loud and then answering them. This offers interactivity, but it also eliminates the “Periscope stare”. Periscope should not be seen as a replacement for other social networks. It allows you to leverage other channels to build more excitement on Periscope.

Periscope: What’s The Point Of The New Video App?

However, Periscope was always slightly cumbersome to use as it required separate logins and the extra app used up storage. Now it is possible to live stream directly through Twitter which should make the process a more seamless experience. , now they have the ability to make everyone think they are a sort of television broadcaster.

So, that was all about how does periscope work, what is its business model and How does it make money. It is a great live streaming application and what makes it stand out is the fact that it is perfect at what it does.

Meerkat Vs Periscope: Which Is Best And Why Live

The big difference though is that it’s designed as a mobile app, so people use it frequently and off-the-cuff when they are out and about. Also, because Periscope is owned by Twitter, it automatically links up with your Twitter account. This means when you do a live transmission it appears on your Twitter newsfeed making it easier to build up followers from the word go. Already, the likes of Bebo, MSN messenger and Myspace exist only in our apps like periscope web history and with thousands of social networking apps out there, we simply can’t get excited about every one. But with Persicope it’s a bit different – we have a feeling this one is here to stay. With such an instant content creation, your company’s reputation could instantly take a hit. It’s a risk with any form of social media, of course, but being such a new and unknown quantity, it’s best to weigh up the pros and cons carefully.

Davina McCall shows herself getting ready for the TV BAFTAs, Phillip Schofield shows us around The Cube TV studio, Ellen Degeneres lets you in on an ideas meeting. It can be mundane, funny, apps like periscope anecdotal, insightful and breaking news. The one common link though is that it is interactive, as viewers comment and the broadcaster replies back, making it a two-way conversation.

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